[Press Release] Third Annual Grand River Amazing Race Sets Fundraising Sights High


Third Annual Grand River Amazing Race Sets Fundraising Sights High

West Montrose, Ontario – May 6, 2013

The Grand River Amazing Race crew is forecasting their biggest race ever, aiming for 60 teams and raising $60,000.

“Organizers have been planning the challenges since the race ended last year. Expect bigger challenges and obstacles in this year’s theme,” said Race Engineer, Rick Gordner.

Participating teams will help raise money for five charities: Woolwich Community Services, Women’s Crisis Centre of Waterloo Region, Parents for Community Living, The Kissing Bridge Trailway Association and Skate Elmira.

Major sponsors play a vital role in the race’s success. “Volunteers and the generous community partners make our event the success that helps so many in need,” said Woolwich Kin Club President Melanie McNeil.

Sponsorships have helped support several needs in the region’s communities.   “The pledged dollars Woolwich Community Services received from this event went directly into the programs and services we offer to residents in Woolwich and northern Wellesley townships. These programs and services include the Woolwich Food Bank, Woolwich Youth Centre and the Christmas Goodwill program,” said Barbara Zupko, Board Chair at Woolwich Community Services.

About the race

Registrations began May 1, 2013 for race contestants and teams. The race is set for Saturday July 20, 2013.

Teams of 2-3 participants will need to raise a minimum of $150 towards one of the five charities in order to race.

Contestants will need to navigate their way through an undisclosed race course with nothing but clues they win at the challenges to guide them. Teams that raise over $150 can earn special “race advantages” like the use of a canoe, maps and a race “butler”.

Anyone interested in learning more about the race, participating, volunteering or sponsoring should visit the event website: www.grandriveramazingrace.ca or email the Race Crew directly at amazingraceinfo@gmail.com.




Media Contact:

Leanne Husk

Event Co-ordinator




Sponsorships Contacts:

Siobhan Furst

Event Co-ordinator




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Update June 1st, 2013: You must register BEFORE June 30, 2013 in order to guarantee t-shirt size

Teams of 2 or 3 will deploy for battle from West Montrose Family Campground to complete Operation: Amazing – a top secret mission that will take soldiers down the Grand River and through the deceptively beautiful terrain of the surrounding area. This pursuit of glory will take each company through various “battlefield” challenges where they may gain or lose valuable time…pushing individual and team skills to the limit. Pledge level incentives provide companies with the ability to gain the “recon advantages” they may need to be the most amazing of them all!

The combat zone can only be infiltrated by limited number of elite soldiers…so recruitment will occur on a first come, first served basis.

Based on speed and “recon advantages” that companies achieve through fundraising, this race could take anywhere from one to three hours.

Scared? Don’t be…because we’re going to do it all, Amazing Race style… 😉

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WomensCrisisService  WoolwichCommunityServices-l  ParentsForCommunityLiving

kissingbridge  SkateElmira

Kin Club event raises $60K for Charities

Here is an article by the Observer about our big event.



Here is the PDF link to the Observer article.






Organizers are leveraging the success of the first year to maximize funds raised

Organizers for the 2012 Grand River Amazing Race anticipate over $50,000 will be raised to support Women’s Crisis Services. This year’s goal more than doubles last year’s hugely successful race which brought in over $22,000 for the local charity.

“The race really caught on this year,” says Family Fund Weekend Committee Chairperson Bill McBay. “It’s a unique approach to fundraising and people are pumped to participate in support of such a worthwhile organization.”

Race designers Leanne Husk and Siobhan Furst say this year’s participants will be “blown away” by what’s in store, but not to expect any details just yet. The information about the race is very confidential. The only hint they have given away is that this year’s race will be a montage of Amazing Race meets Survivor with a hint of other popular reality shows mixed in.

The Grand River Amazing Race takes place Saturday July 21 and is part of an event called the Family Fun Weekend held in West Montrose July 20 and 21, 2012. Since its inception 12 years ago, the Family Fun Weekend has raised over $100,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of KW and Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

The Family Fun Weekend had its best year ever in 2011 with the addition of The Grand River Amazing Race. Held during the hottest spells in recent history, the weekend was filled with everything from outdoor movies, midway, carnival games and live entertainment on an outdoor stage. Families come to share the day or the entire weekend with funds raised going to Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, Woolwich Community Services and Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries.

“Each year we try to tweak our event to ensure we continue to grow the number of families that get to enjoy it with us,” says McBay. “There is certainly something for everyone.”

As the kids play, parents can check out the over 100 items in the silent auction or spin the crown and anchor wheel while enjoying some tasty BBQ food. Families can come for the day or the entire weekend and camp alongside the Grand River and historic Covered Bridge.

“There is no better way to spend a weekend than in the company of family and friends. The fact that we’re supporting an amazing charity in the process just makes it that much more worthwhile,” says McBay.

For more information or an interview, please contact:
Bill McBay, Committee Chairperson

T: 519-589-2583
E: bill.mcbay@sunlife.com
W: www.woolwichkin.com

[Woolwich Observer Article] Amazing Race contest pulls in more than $42,000

Here is an article written by the Woolwich Observer regarding the Grand River Amazing Race!

July 28, 2011 By: Colin Dewar

Participants crossed the finish line of the Grand River Amazing Race sweaty and exhausted, but exuberant last Saturday.

The race was part of the family fun weekend organized by the Woolwich Kin Club.

Based on the popular television show, the Grand River Amazing Race included teams of two or three who set out from West Montrose down the Grand River and surrounding area where teams would work through different challenges along the route.

“Pardon the pun but it was amazing,” joked organizer Bill McBay. “The weather was great and we had most people we have ever seen come out and partake in the weekend events including the race, movies and the carnival.”

Funds raised during the pledge drive for the race and the family fun weekend came to more than $42,000, with proceeds going to the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

The winning team, Winmar Restoration Girls Gone Wild, not only raised the most pledges, $3,601.50, but also clocked in the best time of one hour and 29 minutes.

For raising the most funds, team mates Kendra Ainlay, Rachel McCorriston and Michelle Schomphe shared a luxury camper, including a hot tub, for the weekend and will be defending champions for next year’s race.

“I thought it was a lot of fun. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it was going to be,” said Ainlay. “A lot of teams gave us a run for our money but it was all in fun.”

Ainlay admits that the real challenge were the weeks prior to the race where her team had to go head-to-head with other teams to win top fundraiser.

“It was really competitive for weeks and weeks before the race even started. I was constantly checking the website to see how many pledges we had compared to other teams and finally on race day we were able to put a face to the team names that we were competing against raising pledges,” she said. “We all did such a great job raising money for Women’s Crisis Services.”

Contestants of the race gathered more than $22,000 in pledges.

Ainlay said having three team members worked out to an advantage when it came to finding sponsors and working to raise money but when it came to race day they found that they had to fight harder to keep up, especially in the canoe portion of the race.

“There were three of us and other teams only had two and were able to canoe a lot faster
down the river than we were because we had more weight in our canoe. And at each challenge only one member was allowed to participate so it did not matter if we had two members or three.”

McBay, president of the Kin Club of Woolwich, said feedback from contestants was 100 per cent positive, and many of them plan to come back again and participate.

“We think that we could double the number of teams next year, if not more, which would double the amount of money that we raised through pledges,” he said.

One of the challenges organizers faced was trying to draw people out because it is a destination event.

“It’s not like you are driving by downtown Elmira and you see a fair in one of the major parking lots – you have to know ahead of time that we are holding the event,” said McBay.

Next year he hopes to approach charities and have those organizations look after the route challenges, which will take away some of the stress of the organizers finding for volunteers and will give the racers an option as to what charity their pledges will help.

“We hope that will increase the number of teams we will get next year because if somebody wants to race for MS because they know someone with the disease or heart and stroke or breast cancer, they can do that. Assuming that their choice of charity have signed on to look after one of our challenges, then we will give the money directly to them,” said McBay.

Here is a link to the original article: http://observerxtra.com/2/featured/amazing-race-contest-pulls-in-more-than-42000/