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Team Requirements

  • Teams consist of 2 people
  • Team members must be 13 years of age or older to compete with an adult.
  • Each team must have at least one member over the age 18.
  • Minimum amount of team pledges – $150.00!
  •  $150 Entry fee
  • $300 Access to canoe
  • $550 survival weapons and tools
  • $800 map of the arena
  • $1000 A Sponsorship Parachute when you’re in a pinch
  • $1500 a stolen GameMaker’s map of the arena
  • $2500 Your own Surviving Victor to mentor and guide you through the race

*Only available to the FIRST 10 tribute pairs

 The top 5  GRAR Heroes”
(fundraisers) will be entitled
to one of the
following Grand Prizes!*

  1. The Capitol Makeover Package by Effie and Cinna (personal training session, hair, pedi)
  2. 4 Blue Jay Tickets
  3. Weekend Get Away for 2 at any Vista Hospitality Property!
  4. Grand River Rocks Rock Climbing or The Adventure Rooms package for 4
  5. 4 Drayton Festival Tickets

*Selections will be made in order of finish.For more details, please visit our website


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