[Announcement] Grand River Amazing Race 2017

The Grand River Amazing Race will not take place in 2017. Please check back for more updates regarding future races. Thank you for your interest.

Grand River Amazing Race 2015 Photo Gallery

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Results for the 2015 Grand River Amazing Race

The Capital needs to apologize to its racing teams and acknowledge an error in the times calculations that affects the winners of the race.  The race results below show a different winner than the one announced on Saturday.  We extend our deepest apologies to the teams that missed their opportunity on the podium.

Congratulations to Nuts and Volts who completed the race in the shortest time ever recorded : 1:06:08!

Thanks to all the team who competed so fiercely and raised over $40,000 for their charities.



Race Day Start Times


GRAR Rules and Regulations for Fundraising Incentives and Prizes

GRAR Rules and Regulations for Fundraising Incentives and Prizes

Click here to download this in a pdf format

Fundraising Incentives:

The fundraising total on each team’s web page at 12:00 pm on Friday June 19th, 2015 will qualify them for the following incentives:

  1. $150 – entry fee
  2. $300 – canoe access
  3. $550 – survival weapons and tools (random selection of a race advantage card)
  4. $800 – map of the “arena” (route map)
  5. $1000 – sponsorship parachute …for when you’re in a pinch
  6. $1500 – stolen GameMaker’s map of the arena (contains all challenge stations and advantage locations)
  7. $2500 – You own Surviving Victor to mentor and guide you through the race (“race butler”)

*NEW* – For every $100 raised, one “tessera” (ballot) with your team’s name on it will be removed from the Capitol’s glass bowl; reducing the odds of a team being randomly selected during the allocation of “Yields”.  Please see the Race Day Rules for more information.

Funds raised following the above deadline, WILL still be applied to the team total and forwarded to the appropriate charity, but will NOT qualify for further race incentives.

Race Butlers (“Victors”):

The FIRST 10 teams to achieve $2500 or more will receive a “race butler”.

  1. Contest ends at 10:00 pm on Wednesday June 17, 2015. No butlers will be allocated following this deadline.
  2. Race Butlers will be randomly assigned to teams by the Race Crew.
  3. Race Butlers are NOT permitted to complete any challenges (all or in part) throughout the race. For the canoe portion of the race, Race Butlers may be transported by volunteer drivers from the launch area to the disembarking area to reconnect with their assigned team (To be determined by the Race Crew).

Grand Prizes:

The Top 5 GRAR fundraising Tribute Pairs will also be entitled to one of the following Grand Prizes!

  1. The Capitol Makeover Package by Effie and Cinna
  2. Blue Jays tickets for 4
  3. Weekend Get Away for 2 at any Vista Hospitality Property (per tribute)
  4. Grand River Rocks Rock Climbing OR The Adventure Rooms Package for 4
  5. Drayton Festival Tickets for 4


  1. Contest ends at 10:00 pm on Wednesday June 17, 2015. Funds raising following this deadline, WILL still be applied to the team total and forwarded to the appropriate charity but will NOT qualify for the Grand Prize contest.
  2. Grand Prize selections will occur in order of finish, where the top fundraiser is awarded first choice, second is awarded the next choice etc… In the event of a tie, the team who registered first will be given priority.


  1. Details of each Grand Prize is as follows:



i.   The Capitol Makeover Package with Effie and Cinna:

After defending your life in the arena, you will appreciate the pampering that awaits!  You and your tribute pair will be treated to a $260 gift card (each) to use towards personal training sessions (4) with the trainer  of your choice at Foundation Fitness, Once the toxins have been “sweat out” you can rejuvenate your look with a cut and style and your choice of colour or highlights by Shereen at Deeva Hair.  Finish off your full body makeover with a relaxing “signature pedicure” at Voila Uptown Salon.  The Capitol knows how to treat their victors!




ii.  Blue Jays Tickets for 4:

Enjoy a great day cheering on Toronto’s favourite team as they battle in their own arena!   Tribute pairs are entitled to spend up to $240 on seat tickets at any game in the 2015 season !

**Ticket choices are based on availability at the time of selection.  Prices based on 4 tickets at $60 each; however prize winners may choose any combination of seat prices and number of tickets up to the maximum amount of $240.

ii.   Weekend Get Away for 2 at any Vista Hospitality Property

 You and your Tribute pair will each receive a gift certificate which entitles you to choose from 9 different destinations and enjoy a get-away that best suits YOU!  Your prize package includes your choice of one of the following:

One room, two nights stay any one of their 4 Canadian hotels

One room, two nights stay at any one of their 3 New York hotels

One room, four nights stay at one of their 2 Florida hotels

**All selections are based on availability at the time of booking.  Travel, food and entertainment expenses are not included.

To view your options and start planning your get away, visit their website at


iii.   Grand River Rocks Rock Climbing OR The Adventure Rooms Package for 4

Volunteering as tribute takes guts.  For those who still thirst adventure, this package is for you!  Tribute pairs will each be entitled to a pass for 2 to challenge themselves and a friend by either defying the rock walls at Grand River Rocks OR their minds at The Adventure Rooms.  Visit their websites for more information using the links below:



iv.   Drayton Festival Tickets for 4:

Dramas, comedies, musicals, love stories or stories for the young at heart…they have them all! One of Canada’s most successful professional theatre companies, Drayton Entertainment, presents the finest in live theatre for all ages!

Prize package includes 4 tickets (adult or youth) to any performance at the Drayton Festival Theatre during the 2015 season.  Check out their website to see what’s playing:


Grand River Amazing Race Sponsors

Sponsors of Panem




Sponsors of the Capitol








District Sponsors

Dieter’s Accessories
Deeva Hair
Foundation Fitness
Knight Homes
Lackner McLennan


Squad 451

Bob’s ValuMart
Cotton Candy
Dare Foods
Drayton Entertainment
Eska Water
Kypreos Restaurant
Pioneer Log Homes
Team McNeil
Voila Salon and Spa
Westmeadow Dental
West Montrose Family Camp

Hot off the presses…. direct from the Capital



 Download Link for 2015 Flyer


Team Requirements

  • Teams consist of 2 people
  • Team members must be 13 years of age or older to compete with an adult.
  • Each team must have at least one member over the age 18.
  • Minimum amount of team pledges – $150.00!
  •  $150 Entry fee
  • $300 Access to canoe
  • $550 survival weapons and tools
  • $800 map of the arena
  • $1000 A Sponsorship Parachute when you’re in a pinch
  • $1500 a stolen GameMaker’s map of the arena
  • $2500 Your own Surviving Victor to mentor and guide you through the race

*Only available to the FIRST 10 tribute pairs

 The top 5  GRAR Heroes”
(fundraisers) will be entitled
to one of the
following Grand Prizes!*

  1. The Capitol Makeover Package by Effie and Cinna (personal training session, hair, pedi)
  2. 4 Blue Jay Tickets
  3. Weekend Get Away for 2 at any Vista Hospitality Property!
  4. Grand River Rocks Rock Climbing or The Adventure Rooms package for 4
  5. 4 Drayton Festival Tickets

*Selections will be made in order of finish.For more details, please visit our website


Supported Charities for the 2015 Grand River Amazing Race

Here is the list of the charities that will be supported for this year’s  Grand River Amazing Race:

Woolwich Community Services

Woolwich Community Services is a social service agency providing opportunities ans resources for the individuals of Woolwich Township and the north part of Wellesley Township.WoolwichCommunityServices-l

Did you know that we offer:

– A food bank and school “Lunch Crunch” program?

– Family Violence Prevention Programs?

– Christmas Goodwill?

– Kids & I Resource Centre and a Youth Centre?

– Transportation program to drive you to and from your medical appointment?

– Employment Services

– Mobility Loan Cupboard

– Thrift Shop where all proceeds support WCS Programs?

– and SO MUCH MORE!!!


Follow us!

Twitter @wcservices

Facebook: Woolwich Community Services

Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society

evaEva was born with no sight and no family.

Eva came to the Animal Welfare Center in our Feral Spay program. She was just one of several cats born in a barn to a feral mother. Typical of in-bred ferals, Eva was born with serious eye infections and no sight. Because we have an on-site hospital, Eva received immediate vet care and was able to recuperate in comfort, with daily medical attention which prevented further infection. Within days of being placed for adoption, Eva found a forever home.

Last year we invested $350,000 in establishing an on-site animal care hospital at our Animal Welfare Centre, ensuring medical care for our adoptable pets could be accomplished onsite. In 2014 we invested an additional $250,000 in animal care because we believe that Every Animal Deserves a Chance. The KWHS is committed to providing the best care and comfort for every animal that comes into our centre.

KWHS Facts:kwhs-logo

  • KWHS received the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for non-profits in 2014.
  • We are the 4th largest shelter in Ontario and through our association with the Stratford-Perth
  • Humane Society we are one of the largest Humane Societies in Canada.
  • In the last 10 years we have found homes for 19,000+ animals and reunited more than 8700 with their families.
  • The Humane Education program reaches more than 35,000 children annually through school visits; facility tours; out of school camps and clubs; and birthday parties.
  • More than 500 volunteers fill a variety of roles within the KWHS.
  • 69% of our revenue comes from our community through special events, donations, and grants.

Parents for Community Living


Grand River Hospital Foundation – Emergency Department

Grand River Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) is the largest in the Waterloo Wellington Local

GRHF-logoHealth Integrated Network (WWLHIN). It is located at the hospital’s KW Site. It cares for adults and children through about 60,000 visits annually. The unit receives patients from 50% of ambulance runs within Waterloo Region.

The ED supports the regional cancer and renal programs as well as children’s, childbirth, emergency after hours general surgery, mental health and addictions, orthopaedics and stroke.

Bereaved Families of Ontario – Mid-Western Region


“The people there have literally saved my life. And they don’t even know it.”

  • Bereaved Families of Ontario has been in existence since 1978
  • Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region (BFO-MR) provides peer support to families who have experienced the death of an infant, child, sibling, parent, or loved one
  • In 2014, BFO-MR supported over 1800 individuals
  • Please watch this short video to see how your donations provide support to bereaved individuals in Waterloo, Woolwich and Wellington Region: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COvngUIcSXQ

“My son started to talk about his feelings (i.e. sad,) and I witnessed that he understood what happened to his daddy, so for me the goals were met. That wasn’t happening so much at home before this group”

Help us help others – www.bfomidwest.org


Launch Party


Grand River Amazing Race 2015 Promo Video